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“Optimity is about two things: ambitious dedicated people and
harnessing pioneering technology. By bringing the two together,
we make technology faster, simpler and easier
for ambitious, fast-growth businesses.”

About Us

Optimity is a dynamic technology service provider based in the heart of London. Since it opened its doors in 2002, the company has become a firmly entrenched industry player with a team that continually strives to go beyond our customer’s expectations.

We are an ISP with our own LDN+ fibre and wireless network in London. We can provide fast, secure and resilient 10Mb–1Gb connections in a matter of days. We pride ourselves on our unique holistic approach to our customer’s connectivity, telecoms, mobile, security and IT, ensuring that our customers receive technology tailor-made to their business requirements with a roadmap to growth. From our offices in the City, Optimity work in partnership with our customers, who are typically small and medium-sized organisations based in London, with offices across the UK and some overseas.