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Looking at the whole picture

Today we all need the internet – it isn’t a business option, it is essential. If you are operating on a dodgy connection or finding that your speeds are grinding to a halt, there could be a number of reasons, but we can work that out for you.

  • Are you not getting the speeds you should?
  • Are you dropping vital calls?
  • Perhaps you were fine on ADSL – but now you are uploading more and more data and it is just painful
  • Perhaps the wifi is great if you sit in the middle of the office – but don’t try to go into the meeting room with it!

Whatever the issue, Optimity are connectivity specialists. We have been solving problems like these for over ten years. We start by asking questions about your circuit, to get a thorough understanding of what you have in place. We then carry out an external and internal assessment to identify any bottlenecks in your system, or hardware that might not be performing.

Where networks are concerned there is no ‘one size fits all’. Our design is driven by your requirements. We have expertise in ultra-fast fibre-optic and ultra-low latency wireless connectivity, providing circuits from 10Mb to 1Gb. We can also sort out getting the internet around the office in the way you want it – with the quality of service you are expecting… and from there we can start to make sure that your technology fuels your ambition and doesn’t drag it down.