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Cloud could be your smarter choice

Cloud computing is the hot topic in technology. It offers a degree of flexibility not seen before in IT, allowing remote workers the access and security they need and reducing business concerns about data backup.

But is the standard cloud offering right for you? Experience has shown that a poor internet connection to the cloud slows down access to the applications that are vital for your business.

There is also a tipping point at which cloud becomes a better economic option – or a more expensive one.

At Optimity we go one better, we can design cloud services that don’t have to connect to the internet and with LDN+ the connection can be ultra-fast. We offer a range of hosted services so that you can pick what’s best for your business and ensure business continuity.

Our services include hosted email, sharepoint, lync, online data backup,and support for remote working. All of these have been designed to give you peace of mind. We will manage, run and update these services on your behalf and SLAs will be in place to ensure that should anything go wrong, you will be back up and running quickly with a service provider who knows you, and most importantly knows your business.