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We make very complex things look simple

With a fast growing business, old infrastructure can drag on your ability to respond as swiftly as you would like to.

  • Does everything just take too long on your internet connection?
  • Are you struggling with an old server, hoping that it will continue to take the strain?
  • Perhaps you have a phone system that keeps dropping important calls?
  • Have you simply have run out of data points and space?

It is so frustrating when tech holds you back rather than pushing you forward.

Optimity can solve many of these issues. We learn about how you operate as a business, where your current pressure points are and how you expect to change in the future. Using this information we build a roadmap that will scale with you, not something you will outgrow in 6 months – a technology solution that will grow smoothly with you.

We give you a joined-up approach to your phones, IT infrastructure, internet connectivity, security and backup needs. We will present a solution that enables you to focus on the future growth of your company and not worry about your tech keeping up or suddenly requiring a disproportionate investment.

We aim to become your tech services partner, providing support across the board with one phone call. We can help you take advantage of technology to springboard your growth.