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We like our internet blindingly fast!

As one of Shoreditch’s resident technology companies, Optimity knows that a high-performance, resilient network connection is essential. Until now this has been a long and costly exercise in this area of London. We have used our technical knowledge and expertise to build a network that provides all the speed, reliability and value needed by London’s most ambitious enterprises: LDN+.

LDN+ is an ultra-fast network built on a fibre-optic infrastructure with an advanced wireless technology network of private point-to-point receivers linked across London’s rooftops. We provide a seamless service of 10Mb – 1Gb connections to businesses with a service level that operates all day, every day, throughout the year.

Our ultra-low latency wireless connectivity antennas can be installed 6 times faster than fibre-optic cables, typically 15 days. So if you are relocating offices for example, we can deliver the connectivity you need in days – for one client this was in just one day.

The technical bit:
The connection operates in the 60 GHz frequency band, a license free radio-frequency band, which allows two-way wireless communications at data rates that previously could only be accomplished with a fibre optic cable. The 60 GHz frequency band provides full-duplex bandwidth of up to 160 Mbps over a distance of 1Km.

60 GHz signals cannot travel far beyond this distance in the UK due to a phenomenon of nature: oxygen absorption weakens the signal over distance. This also provides a number of excellent advantages: immunity to interference; high security; and frequency re-use in a small geographic area.

The 60 GHz radio links have been engineered to overcome the effects of rain attenuation, which has virtually no effect on signal degradation, enabling carrier-class service even in the worst weather conditions. The same can be said for other adverse conditions such as fog, dust and snow.

This technology has the ability to revolutionise the way you work, the speed with which you can respond, the connectivity you need to expand your business.