The London Borough of Hackney is located in inner London with direct transport links to the central hub of the city. For this reason, Hackney is a popular residential location and home to a number of companies. Hackney forms much of East London and the borough is home to over 3000 tech firms; providing Londoners with a plethora of jobs.

Hackney extends from wards such as Hoxton and Haggerston in the south to New River in the north. King’s Park and Wick make up the eastern section of the Borough. Despite being one of the capital’s smaller boroughs Hackney is a popular place to live and work due to its multiculturalism. There are large communities of Jewish, Turkish, Kurdish, Caribbean, African and Vietnamese people living in Hackney. This melting pot of cultures has resulted in Hackney blossoming as a vibrant area to live with a developed culinary and arts scene.

Hackney is one of the few boroughs in London that has a truly varied population in terms of age. Citizens of all races and ages live in Hackney’s residential streets. Even areas synonymous with the trendy youth of today such as Dalston and Hoxton are home to pensioners who have lived in the city all their lives.

Living in Hackney

Just 15 years ago Hackney was a very different place. The borough was synonymous with crime, unemployment and lack of suitable housing facilities for residents. It has been dubbed the worst pace to live in London many a time, but the tides have changed and now living in Hackney is something to be relished.

Hackney has undergone extensive regeneration and both residents and businesses are feeling the benefits of implemented changes over the years.

Business in Hackney

Invest in Hackney and the Hackney Business Network are two initiatives passionate about developing, supporting and providing opportunities for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs in the borough.

Hackney’s regeneration has seen the council focus upon affordable workspaces. The council recognised that start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs were vital for Hackney’s economy. Therefore, a multitude of offices and shared workspaces were dotted across the borough to be utilised by local talents and businesses.

Similarly, the council have focused efforts upon helping Hackney’s fashion industry thrive. The borough has played a historic role in the manufacture and design of garments. Therefore the council is supporting the industry so that residents can benefit from training and jobs. Key projects include the Stitch Academy, Hackney Walk and Fashion Technology Emerging Futures.

Business broadband London: keeping hackney online

With the government, council and local businesses coming together to help Hackney continue flourishing it is no surprise that having a secure internet connection is key. It is critical that companies in Hackney do not face any downtime, whether a start-up or established business, as this can have a significant negative impact on output.

Fortunately, Optimity offer wibre™ throughout Hackney. wibre™ is an alternative to fibre optic broadband that delivers a reliable and lightning fast connection. Optimity’s wireless broadband London is available throughout the majority of the capital but please use our online connectivity checker for to input your hackney postcode.

Wireless internet London

Fibre broadband can take weeks or months to install and have working perfectly. Businesses can face downtime during this period, leading to severe disruption and even loss of revenue as normal operation cannot continue. At Optimity we have specialist engineers who harness next-generation technology. This means we could have fibre internet installed in your business premises in just seven days with no down time for your organisation.

According to the government the minimum download speed considered acceptable is 10Mbps. This can meet the demands of a small business. However, there are blackspots in London – and the UK as a whole – which experience speeds under this threshold. Having an unreliable internet connection is risky for businesses, which is why our wibre™ offering is championed by companies. Our multigigabit connectivity ensures wi-fi is accessible in areas that are traditionally broadband blackspots. By using symmetrical bandwidths from 100Mb to 10Gb also ensures Optimity internet users do not face any downtime.

wibre™ is unlike any other fibre broadband internet as it is free of traditional telephone exchanges and fixed network operators. Having zero downtime means wibre™ would be an ideal internet solution for:

  • Businesses in Hackney
  • Hackney’s coworking spaces
  • Fashion initiatives and schemes
  • Digital businesses in Hackney
  • Start-ups in Hackney
  • Entrepreneurs

It is no secret that Hackney has had a dismal reputation in the past. However, the introduction and development of schemes in the area requires an internet solution that can keep up with the positive progress of the borough. Zero downtime is key to ensure entrepreneurs, start-ups, businesses and organisations in Hackney stay online.

ISP provider London

Staying online in the city without interruption is important for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether a company is based in Hackney or another borough, Optimity will always provide an unparalleled service, regardless of London location.

Since 2003, Optimity has developed and installed countless wibre™ connections throughout London, enabling organisations to perform tasks quickly without the risk of internet downtime. Optimity is serving the capital with seamless internet connection and Hackney can benefit from wibre™ too.

If you are part of a business in Hackney, or anywhere throughout London, check to see if you are already connected. If not, and you are interest in Optimity’s London wireless broadband, request a call back to discuss how wibre™ could benefit your business. Alternatively call 020 7749 1000 or email wibre@optimity.co.uk.