Southwark is one of London’s boroughs that boasts the trinity of business centre, tourism pull and residential location. Most boroughs tend to clearly steer towards one, but Southwark has struck an equilibrium between the three. Once nothing but a marshy area south of the River Thames, Southwark is now recognised as a place to visit, work and live in.

Tourism in SE1

Back in 2000 Southwark was recognised as an emerging tourism destination and The Southwark Tourism Strategy implemented by local governing bodies set about aimed to grow the tourism industry to encourage inward investment and provide employment opportunities.

In Southwark today there are over 50 tourist attractions including the Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the Imperial War Museum, Borough Market and The Shard. SE1 attracts over 10 million visitors per year and the pull of these attractions and important buildings play a vital role in boosting Southwark’s economy.

Living in Southwark

Despite being in London’s Zone 1, Southwark is home to around 314,232 people. There is a wide variety of housing options, from council to luxury gated communities. Despite SE1 being home to some landmark buildings and headquarters of major businesses, people forget locations such as Camberwell, Crystal Palace, Honor Oak and Peckham are highly residential.

Business in Southwark

SE1 is often described as a commercial and business area. The factories which once were rife in Southwark have given way to residential developments and major office developments, once of them being the Shard. These impressive offices are home to the international head quarters of businesses spanning various industries including legal, accountancy and finance.

London wireless broadband: keeping Southwark connected

Whether you’re living, working or visiting any part of Southwark you will not have to worry when it comes to wireless. Can’t find a café with a hotspot? Run out of data? Optimity’s wibre™ is an alternative to fibre optic broadband that delivers ultrafast reliable internet connection. Our wibre™ internet solution is available throughout Southwark but please use our connectivity checker if you’d like to double check.

Wireless fibre broadband

Even the capital suffers from broadband blackspots and Southwark is no different. What sets wibre™ apart from other providers is the multigigabit connectivity used to ensure wi-fi is accessible in areas that are traditionally broadband blackspots. Using symmetrical bandwidths from 100Mb to 10Gb also ensures internet users do not face any downtime.

Typically, you could face weeks, or even months if things don’t go according to plan, trying to have fibre broadband installed. Due to Optimity’s specialist engineers and next-generation antenna technology, fibre can be installed in just seven days.

wibre™ is a unique service and free of traditional telephone exchanges and fixed network operators.

Being connected in Southwark is important for residential citizens, as well as those working in the borough.

wibre™ would be an ideal internet solution for:

  • Businesses in SE1
  • Self-employed residents
  • Start-ups in Southwark
  • SMEs and large-scale companies
  • Flexi offices and co-working spaces
  • Digital businesses in Southwark

Southwark is a diverse borough and a broadband solution should be comprehensive and seamless to match the needs of the area. Whether Olivia wants unrivalled internet connection for her online business she runs from home, or whether a large corporation wants zero downtime to ensure staff are always efficient, wibre™ from Optimity is the answer.

London wireless broadband

Optimity are revolutionising the internet for businesses in London. No matter where you are, you will get the best connection Optimity have to offer. wibre™ is fully scalable – you can invest in more bandwidth as you need it – and all services are bespoke to your location. Everything is tailored to your business.

Don’t live in Southwark but want to benefit from wibre™? Check to determine whether your area is already connected. If not, request a call back to discuss how wibre™ could benefit your business.

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