The City of London is one of the capital’s most central boroughs. It is home to some iconic London attractions such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Hyde Park and Lord’s Cricket Ground. Due to its central London location, the borough of Westminster is a hub four tourists and businesspeople alike – even the Prime Minister calls the borough home.

Living in Westminster

When you think of Westminster as a borough you don’t consider that people live there. Being so central the majority of properties to rent or buy are incredibly expensive. However, the borough is home to a number of estates, providing affordable housing for London citizens.

Business in Westminster

Undoubtedly, the borough of Westminster is famed for the Houses of Parliament. However, MPs and governing bodies are not the only people using the borough of Westminster as a hub for activity. Large retail outlets such as Selfridges are located in the borough, as well as cultural exploits such as The National Gallery and Abbey Road Studios. Regardless of the shape or size of a business operating out of the area, it is critical that they have access to an unrivalled internet connection to enable productivity.

Wireless broadband London: keeping Westminster online

Having an uninterrupted internet connection in Westminster is key. Whether a start-up or a blue-chip company, downtime can impact businesses hard. Fortunately, Optimity offer wibre™ throughout Westminster. wibre™ is an alternative to fibre optic broadband that delivers a reliable and lightning fast connection. Optimity’s wireless broadband London is available throughout the majority of the city.

Wireless broadband London

When businesses are having fibre broadband installed it can be a trying period. More often than not companies can take weeks or months to get everything installed and staff can face huge periods of downtime during this time, which can gravely affect the day to day running of the organisation. At Optimity we have specialist engineers who harness next-generation technology. This means we could have fibre internet installed in your business premises in just seven days, with zero downtime.

The government dictates that the minimum internet download speed should be 10Mbps – ideal for the likes of a small business. With larger businesses all over the city struggling with low speeds and with some areas experiencing internet blackspots, altogether it has never been more important to have a reliable internet connection for your business. Our wibre™ offering is championed by companies for its seamless output. Our multigigabit connectivity ensures wi-fi is accessible in areas that are traditionally broadband blackspots. Using symmetrical bandwidths from 100Mb to 10Gb also ensures Optimity internet users do not face any downtime.

wibre™ is unlike any other fibre broadband internet as it is free of traditional telephone exchanges and fixed network operators. Having zero downtime means wibre™ would be an ideal internet solution for:

  • Businesses throughout Westminster
  • Coworking spaces
  • Digital businesses in Westminster
  • Start-ups in Westminster
  • Entrepreneurs

Wireless internet London

Working in the city means there is no room for downtime; businesses need to be able to operate without interruption. Whether your company is based in Westminster or another borough in the capital, Optimity can provide a seamless service for your business regardless of location.

We launched our wibre™ service in 2003 and, since then, Optimity have been constantly developing and installing wibre™ for businesses throughout the city. Our unparalleled internet connection means businesses can operate without worrying about downtime affecting productivity and efficiency.

If you are part of a business in Westminster, or anywhere throughout London, check to see if you are already connected. If not, and you are interested in Optimity’s London wireless broadband, request a call back to discuss how wibre™ could benefit your business. Alternatively call 020 7749 1000 or email wibre@optimity.co.uk.