Property & Partnerships

Making your properties more desirable with stronger, faster internet connections

Connectivity is one of the most influential factors in determining how desirable your properties are to prospective tenants. Connectivity is known to be just as important as cost and location.

With a stronger, faster and more reliable internet connection, you can increase retention rates and reduce tenancy voids. Our signature wireless leased line service, wibreTM, helps landlords pre-connect their buildings and agents assist their client’s move into their new space, quickly and hassle free.

Property and Partnerships is our connectivity service for property owners and managers. Our highly specialist property team will manage your internet and IT services from start to finish; they’re involved from the planning stages, through to construction and installation together with the ongoing maintenance of your connectivity.

Intelligent Workspaces

For smarter, connected buildings; everything you need to create connected workspaces that link technology & people together

Landlord Services for Buildings and Campuses

Providing buildings and campuses with comprehensive connectivity, from the top to the bottom

Why Optimity?

  • We will save you money

    By making your business much more efficient, modern, flexible & easier to manage

  • Provide secure cloud infrastructure

    Cloud computing makes it easier, cheaper & faster to run your IT architectures

  • We create truly mobile workforces

    Managing & protecting the new workplace & isolated workflows that remote teams require

  • We are experts in our field

    We’ve been leading technology innovation & service excellence for over 20 years

  • We will accelerate your growth

    The services we offer enable our customers to drive business change

  • True end-to-end providers

    From revolutionary wireless connectivity products right the way through to device management

Project and Connectivity Consultation

Book our consultation before your next project. It will show you the types of connectivity open to you, the time it would take us to install them, and the estimated installation price.