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Co-working and Shared Spaces

Using technology that lets you to put people, and their ideas, first
Co-working and shared spaces have changed the way companies and individuals work together. Businesses are choosing to establish themselves in environments where collaboration is the default and is easy to instigate. Connectivity is what enables them to embrace this attitude, and it’s evolving faster than anyone can anticipate.

Ultrafast connectivity enables greater productivity for members

When multiple companies are cohabiting a single space, your biggest challenge becomes managing hundreds of members and the individual needs of businesses that require their own network and security within a shared environment. When WiFi connections falter or underperform, it can cause disruption for many and bring productivity to a halt. This can result in members leaving your space. However, if you can guarantee high performance, reliability and fault tolerance, they’ll be delighted to stay with you.

  • Design team to assist with ensuring a highly secure network that is capable of supporting multiple companies individual networks.
  • High capacity WiFi able to support high numbers of devices and user density supporting both guest and member networks using the latest auto enrollment technologies.
  • Fast go live times using our wibre™ service to ensure that your space can open as quickly as possible.

When you let us manage connectivity in your co-working space, we’ll keep our finger on the pulse of technological developments for you. We’ll let you know when something new and important is coming, so you can plan your budgets and capacity around this.

  • We’ll get to know how you work and provide you with advice that aligns with your habits.
  • Get alerted of technology that can help your tenants to innovate, and plan for this in advance.
  • Strong and reliable connections make for a desirable space. Increase interest from new tenants and loyalty from existing ones.

Case studies

Hear what our customers have to say about us.


Our day-to-day working practices have improved immeasurably.

The constant WiFi headache we had before has gone and we no longer have to hang about waiting for engineers to come out to various locations. We’ve just opened a new co-working space, and everyone was amazed they had a connection straight away and could use it. All in all, it’s made life a whole lot easier.

We’d had a million issues with connectivity before. Having WiFi is vital for our business - in fact I’d say it’s more important than hot water. Our previous suppliers only gave a residential level service which meant the quality was poor and the connection was always going down. Wibre gave us a much stronger connection from day one.
Charlie Rosier, Co-Founder – Cuckooz

Free Consultation

This consultation will decide what kind of connectivity is best for your co-working or shared space. It’ll help us find the fastest, most reliable connection for you.