Landlord Services for Buildings and Campuses

Providing buildings and campuses with comprehensive connectivity, from the top to the bottom

Optimity supports a wide range of commercial real estate clients and has a deep understanding of the requirements of landlords and the teams managing commercial properties. We work with clients during the construction phase of new projects as well as supporting them once the building or campus becomes operational. We also have plenty of experience with helping customers audit and modernise their services and network in retrofit scenarios.

We provide full network and IT support and management to ensure key systems are always operational, supported with robust SLAs, proactive management, dedicated account management and reporting on key services.

Technology is ever changing with security being of paramount importance when dealing with both wired and WiFi Networks, as well as introducing new PropTech into a network. Optimity works with our clients to ensure that integrating new technologies into converged networks doesn’t introduce weaknesses that can be exploited and that the full benefit of new innovations can be realised.

Campuses offer a unique opportunity for a developer to create a destination for retail, and an exciting place to work and to build a community. Technology can assist with this process by offering the ability to roam the campus on your company’s secure network, as well as using branded self-log in WiFi coupled with marketing automation to add value to your retail tenants.

  • Draw more tenants to your building or campus with reliable connectivity.
  • Increase the stickiness of your campus for existing tenants.
  • We provide robust network security across your campus.
  • Public WiFi across public realm, lobbies and communal areas.
  • Technical support for event areas and teams during placemaking cycle.
  • Using the benefits of the cloud and managed service contracts to reduce capex burden and ensure your team is always using the latest technology.
  • In-building mobile signal-boosting planning, design and implementation.

Case studies

Hear what our customers have to say about us.

Special Projects, Design and Invention Studio

We tried several times to go with one of the big telecoms providers, but the service was awful, and after 18 months of emails and engineer visits they ultimately wouldn't install a line down our street.

So, when I heard about Optimity I was super excited as they could bypass all the street works and give us a faster connection and better service!

I’ve recommended Optimity loads of times! We put them forward not only because of the speed of install – which is a real USP – but also the fact that wibre delivers a really good internet connection. And our account manager is awesome too!
Charlie Rosier, Co-Founder – Cuckooz

Free Campus Network Design Consultation

We’ll help you plot out a network for the whole of your campus. This will ensure all tenants, no matter whereabouts they are, can get an uninterrupted connection.