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Our services

An easy way to a better connection.

Whether you’re an established business or a start-up, you’ve moved buildings, or you own the building - we can guide you through the connectivity maze.

As connectivity specialists we offer a quicker way to get things done. The solutions we cover include wireless leased lines, fibre, cloud, telephony and VoIP, plus a 24/7 managed service option with monitoring and support.

We know it’s easy to feel like your technology can’t keep up with the things you need it for. So we’ll help you find the equipment and software you need to get a better connection.

And if you need extra help, we’ll cover that too - from IT kit, laptops, servers and software to phone systems and cabling.

The best connection for you, based on your location.

  1. wibre™
  2. Fibre leased lines

Our trademark wibre service, plus a range of managed internet options. No matter what you go with, you get the same benefits: a faster, more reliable connection; scalable bandwidth for managing your costs; and a customer success manager who’s always ready to show you how to make your connection work smarter.

Security expertise, to protect you from internal and external threats.

  1. Managed Networks

For every way someone tries to compromise your security online, you should have three ways of countering their actions. With perpetrators coming with new tactics all the time, protection has to be several steps ahead of them. But we understand it takes effort to keep up with. Let us do the hard work for you.

No more confusing paperwork. IT, WiFi and telephony, all under one bill.

  1. Hosted Telephony
  2. Hosted WiFi
  3. Hosted IT

Using several providers for your IT, WiFi and telephony services is frustrating. But it doesn’t need to be. With Optihost, you can say goodbye to the days of keeping up with with several bills at once. We roll the costs of everything into one piece of paper, so there’s no need to be confused about anything.

Hardware, software, licensing and more. All of which is tailored for you.

  1. IT Services

It’s not about having the smartest technology. You need technology that’s smart for you. That doesn’t mean spending money on the newest equipment, just because it’s new; it’s about considering why you need your equipment and investing in technology that will help you to work harder and smarter. That’s how we support you.

Why Optimity?

  • Scalable

    Our flexible service allows you to increase or scale back your services based on your consumption.

  • Rapid installation

    Get the speed of fibre in days, not weeks.

  • Customer success manager

    There’s always someone to talk to about your account. An account with advice, anytime. Got questions? Just pop your advisor a message.

  • London, covered

    30,000 businesses covered

Free connectivity consultation

Our consultation is for any business that wants to know how they can get a connection that’s cost-effective and fit for purpose.

We’ll review your business and tell you:

  • What type of connection you should have
  • Which technology and licensing is best
  • How quickly we can get you set up

Just fill in the form on your right and hit the send button.