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The speed of fibre, without the long wait.

The speed of fibre, without the long wait.

A formidable internet connection doesn’t go underground; it takes flight. wibre™, our wireless internet solution, gives you the speed of fibre without the long wait.

There are no wires or tearing up roads involved. Instead, we put an antenna on your roof and you’re ready to go. It’s perfect for when you need a better connection in a hurry.

  • Takes as little as 7 working days to install, not months. You won’t notice any downtime. All you’ll notice is that everything’s better.
  • It’s really, really fast. We’re talking about upload and download speeds of up to 10Gbps. You’ll be amazed by how quick your internet is.
  • Fully scalable. You can invest in more bandwidth when you need it, and cut costs when you need less.
  • Our staff are passionate about connectivity. So they’re always monitoring connections and ready to repair any faults.
  • You get a dedicated account manager. Give them a call anytime you’ve got a question.

We don’t need any permission for digging up roads and putting down wires. This can be an administrative headache and takes so long to do. Instead, we put an antenna on top of your roof. Your connection skips all the street-level obstacles and transmits a clear signal. High-speed internet, with high-speed delivery.

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wibre™ is able to service 30,000 businesses. To see if you qualify for our ground-breaking service, request a quote by filling in the form below.

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