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A single bill for your IT, WiFi and telephony
Optihost can assist you with all of your business IT, WiFi and telephony needs, providing you with one invoice and making your life easier.

Going to different providers for these services can be troublesome, with a whole lot of paperwork that you don’t need. Contact us today to find out how we can:

  • Drive your customers’ happiness with a well-connected WiFi network.
  • Use analytics to regularly improve your WiFi connection.
  • Scalability across Optihost. Invest when you need more and reduce spending when you need less.
  • Full control over your telephony service, thanks to an online portal.
  • Everything’s backed by our hosted IT - giving you an IT team without the head count.

Hosted Telephony

A smarter, more convenient way to work

Your hardware, licensing and support covered.

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Hosted WiFi

Get rewarded for connecting

Increase customer satisfaction and get a compelling splash page.

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Hosted IT

Everything you need, under one roof

Take the trouble out of using multiple technologies.

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Our day-to-day working practices have improved immeasurably. The constant WiFi headache we had before has gone and we no longer have to hang about waiting for engineers to come out to various locations. We’ve just opened a new co-working space, and everyone was amazed they had a connection straight away and could use it. All in all, it’s made life a whole lot easier.
Charlie Rosier, Co-Founder – Cuckooz

Free Hosting Consultation

Our consultation can tell you how to get a hosting service that cuts your admin tasks and paperwork.

We’ll let you know how to:

  • Cover hardware, licensing and support in one bill
  • Be rewarded for offering a great WiFi connection
  • Score an IT network that’s fit for your daily activity

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