Hosted IT

Everything you need, under one roof

We provide everything you need for an IT network. We know that ‘one-size-fits-all’ doesn’t work for most businesses - if we gave everyone the same thing, it would be totally unproductive. So we’ll spend some time getting to know you, and decide from there which servers and applications will be best.
  • Full Backup. So there’s no need to panic if something goes missing.
  • An ideal package if you have multiple locations. With everyone using the same technology, there’s no need for personal disconnect.
  • It’s secure. We can guarantee it.

We don’t give you clever equipment for the sake of it. If we did, chances are you’d spend most of your time ignoring it and we will have provided a bad service. So we get to know what you need a connection for and choose hardware, software and licensing that fits your needs. It’s a cost-effective way of doing things.

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No two businesses are the same. Tell us how you work, and we’ll provide a package that’s right for you.