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Hosted Telephony

A smarter, more convenient way to work

A smarter, more convenient way to work

Hosted telephony is perfect for shared workspaces and flexible communications.

As an internet phone service, you can take calls on multiple devices (computer and tablet) allowing your staff to work wherever and however suits them. Switch to us and get your whole service under one roof. We provide all the hardware, licencing and support; there’s no need to go anywhere else.

  • We offer scalability. Don’t spend anything more than you have to, and invest in more when you need it.
  • You get an online portal, where you’ll have full control over your service.
  • Every aspect of your telephony service, covered by one provider. Less bills means less paperwork.

Choose your handsets from our selection, and we’ll set them up. We’ll create your online portal, where you can control all aspects of your telephony service. Scalable to suit any size business and flex with you for a smarter and more convenient way to work!

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