Hosted Telephony

A smarter, more convenient way to work

If you are still relying on a traditional PBX in your company, now is the time to move to a hosted solution to realise all the benefits that cloud-based telephony has to offer. A cloud hosted PBX system can transform your business communications: It will make your workforce more mobile plus streamline all your office phone infrastructure. If your business is ready to move your telephony service to the cloud then take this journey with Optimity. We can help you design and deploy a next-generation voice system that will flex with your business needs.

  • One platform - Rationalise your PBX estate into a single monthly payment, which covers everything
  • Cost saving - Reduce costs by eliminating the need for PBX maintenance, ISDN channels and hardware refreshes, as well as integrated call bundles to UK national and mobile numbers, with free calls between on-net sites
  • Rapid install - we have porting agreements with all the major range holders and manage the entire install in-house with our own engineers
  • Scalable and flexible - Add and remove features as and when you need them
  • Multi-Site and mobile - Make and receive calls anywhere – it’s a disaster recovery solution in a box!
  • Future proof - Hosted on a platform which is constantly being updated and developed by a specialist team, your phone system will never be more than 6 weeks old!
  • Supported - Maintained and updated by highly trained specialist engineers, removing the headache and the pressure from your IT staff

A hosted voice system works by using the internet instead of a physical telephone line to transmit communications. This service is also referred to as a VoIP system – Voice over Internet Protocol. The telephone system is plugged directly into the cloud and when one of the office phone numbers receives a call, the cloud directs this call to the device which is online. The hosted platform allows multiple devices to receive and make calls, from a desk phone, home phone, mobile and laptops. This truly allows for flexible communications.

The user interface can be accessed by a web page or an application, which we monitor and manage for you.

  • Fraud protection built in. Set your spend limit and be alerted when you’re getting close
  • Affordable resilience; HA SBC clusters in resilient geographic locations means your voice service is always up and available
  • Flexible numbering allows you to utilise out-of-area geographic numbers, to always appear local to your customers
  • Ability to integrate with your desktop apps and CRM, whether you have a Mac or PC, iOS or Android
  • ISO22301, ISO27001 & ND1643 Quality accredited
  • Underpinned by infrastructure that has consistently won ‘Network Of The Year’ and ‘Best VoIP Infrastructure’ awards since its inception

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