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Hosted Wifi

Get rewarded for connecting

Get rewarded for connecting

Connectivity is a big part of your customers’ lives. So give them a WiFi service they deserve and get rewarded with increases in satisfaction and loyalty. With a friendly WiFi service, you can also learn things about your customers’ habits to improve the service for them.
  • Analytics included. See how your customers are using your WiFi and make the right changes to increase their satisfaction.
  • We make the splash page. We’ll write and design it so your guests and visitors can log on to your network easily and securely.
  • Centrally managed. Your network is in the safe hands of connectivity supremos. They won’t let you down.

Before anyone joins your network, they’ll come across a splash page asking them for login details to access your WiFi connection. We can help you to write and design your splash page so that it provides your guests/visitors with compelling information about your services.

And, we can provide you with analytics that will teach you how they’re using the connection, so you can focus on making it better for them.

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