Hosted WiFi

Ensuring everyone is connected

A robust WiFi infrastructure is an essential component of the modern workplace – employees now expect complete mobility within their office environment. At Optimity, we are helping more and more SMBs realise the advantages of a managed WiFi infrastructure. These tangible benefits include fast reliable WiFi where you want it, increased levels of security, customer loyalty and employee productivity.

  • End-To-End Service - Optimity survey, install and support the service end to end. No 3rd party suppliers, this is a fully dedicated & managed service
  • Fully Managed - Firmware/software upgrades can be rolled out remotely with no service disruption thanks to the benefits of a centralised management plane
  • Return on Investment - Monetize your WiFi investment via an Optimity provided captive portal, which enables you to collect user data; location, preferences, social media etc. Plus, a customisable splash page which delivers an impeccable wireless experience to the end user
  • Enterprise Hardware - Optimity are strategically partnered with best in class hardware providers, tailored to the specific requirements of the end user
  • Experienced - Optimity have been installing WiFi solutions for our customers for over 14 years

A managed WiFi solution extends to more than just managing user access. Our service covers the entire lifecycle of WLAN – from designing, engineering and installing the wireless system, to managing the entire network. Before installing your WiFi connection, we will use your office floor plans to determine what WiFi coverage you will need in order to meet your requirements and where to install your access points for the strongest possible connection.

We will then return to your premises and install the access points. Once installed, we will monitor and manage the wireless network through our cloud-based system, and we will run automatic updates to ensure your access points remain secure. Our system also enables us to run fault diagnostics work, to actively prevent any interference to your connectivity.

  • Ensure your WiFi network is covering your key areas, with a survey by an Optimity engineer
  • Reduce wireless noise in your office with beamforming* technology; less congestion, the smoother the experience
  • Can be deployed across any L2/L3 network and can bridge traffic onto the local network, tunnel to a central location using L2TP or route between WAN and NAT’ed private subnets
  • Multiple SSIDs allow you to logically separate networks such as Corporate and Guest
  • Utilises 802.1x for a secure & fast connection

    *available on certain AP’s

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