Managed Networks

A safe network means no costly mistakes

Security. It’s the number one priority when setting up your business network. With our managed networks offering, we can ensure that we keep your network safe.
  • With content filtering, you can effectively segregate who has access to what in your network. Nothing will get into the wrong hands.
  • High capacity managed switches ensure there are no bottlenecks in your network.
  • Get a firewall that’s regularly updated. It keeps the latest bugs out, and stops employees from wandering out of your network.
  • Threat protection keeps your most sensitive data safe, from attacks specifically trying to compromise this.
  • We’ll keep your WiFi network safe from unauthorised access and malicious attempts.

Our in-house team will set up your network efficiently, keeping disruptions to a minimum. They’ll oversee how it’s running and step in if any issues come up. If you want to change anything, give your customer success manager a call. They’ll be happy to scale your service depending on what you need at the time. This is a scalable service, meaning you can pay more when you need more, and pay less when you need less.

  • Our engineering teams work closely with you to understand your needs and supply the correct tech to meet your expectations
  • We manage the complete solution, from installation, acceptance testing, hand over, through to support. All of this is completed in house by our team of skilled engineers
  • Firmware/software updates completed remotely with no service disruption
  • Active monitoring of hardware for performance and outages
    Best in class manufacturer hardware used with our solutions

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Security glitches are always more costly than maintaining good security practices. Let us show you the best way to invest in your safety.