IT Services

Everything you need, from support to hosting

Our IT services come with everything you’d expect: support to answer any questions you have, and all the hardware, software and licencing you need. But we do things a little differently. We don’t just provide you with equipment we think is good; we get to know your network and advise you on the technology you’ll need to run it properly.
  • No wasting money on great hardware that you don’t actually use.
  • Software and licencing that’s custom to you, so you don’t lose cash to unnecessary fees.
  • Everything’s backed up. Think you’ve lost something? Give us a call and we’ll restore it for you.
  • Your account comes with a customer success manager. They’ll advise you on everything you need.
  • This is a scalable service. Don’t spend a penny extra when you don’t need to and invest more when it’s worth it.

We’ve seen a lot of companies waste money by buying hardware, software and licensing they think they need, but never end up using. We remedy this by choosing things that are appropriate for the work you’ll be doing. Your customer success manager can then advise you on how to use it efficiently. If you think your demands are changing, let us know and we’ll scale your services accordingly.

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Our IT services are packaged up exactly the way you need them. We don’t tell you to get great tech because it’s great; we recommend tech that will be great for you.