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Confused by all this talk about Cloud computing?

If you’re confused by all this talk about Cloud computing let us cut through all the complexities for you. Optimity can help you to understand and harness all the power and flexibility of Cloud and reap the many benefits our Cloud services deliver.

Just imagine if your entire workforce could instantly access all the applications and files they need to work, from wherever they are, on any device, 24 hours a day. It’s easy to see how this would boost their productivity and collaboration, saving them time, effort and inconvenience. This is the power of Cloud computing, no matter what kind of business you run and no matter what sector you work in.

Why does Cloud computing matter to business?

Cloud computing makes it easier, cheaper and faster to run state-of-the-art IT architectures in any type of company, large or small. The key benefits are:

  • Cost: Significant cost savings are likely across a company’s IT budget.
  • Cash flow: The billing is typically metered on usage, so IT expenditure shifts from one-off, upfront capital expenditure to monthly operating expenses, offering a cash flow advantage.
  • Flexibility: Businesses can rent IT equipment and applications as needed, rather than buying hardware and software assets outright.
  • Scalability: Computing capabilities like storage, processing power or network bandwidth can be scaled-up almost instantly and scaled-down again depending on demand and users are unlikely to ever be short of capacity.
  • Universal, controlled access: IT resources can be accessed by any authorised users on any authorised devices from any authorised location using an Internet connection.
  • Your business will benefit from cheaper, faster, more scalable IT resources in the Cloud and users get a better experience and the latest software upgrades as soon as they are released, without having to pay more or having to fiddle with clumsy downloads.
  • The Cloud services offered by Optimity make for a significantly superior business model than the traditional connection, on-premise software license, hardware and support model. It is this end-to-end solution that is the game-changer for the enterprise client.

With over 80% of UK firms already adopting cloud technology, those that haven’t, risk being left behind. Optimity Cloud computing gives businesses freedom and flexibility to grow. Payment structures based on a per-user/ per-month rates provide scalability to any small and medium-sized businesses.

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