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In just a few short years, the way mobile devices are used by employees has shifted dramatically. Increasingly, employees are bringing their own devices to their workplaces and connecting to secure corporate networks. While employees enjoy the flexibility and ease this offers, employers also appreciate the added benefits of increased efficiency with lower equipment costs.

However, with this trend comes a set of new considerations for security, connectivity, privacy and management. Employees also have varied mobile service providers, and their devices run varied operating systems. The inherent risks of a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy has given rise to mobile device management (MDM) software used by an IT department to monitor, manage, and secure employees' laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices that are being used in the workplace. With security and data breaches becoming costlier every year, our MDM tools have become essential to the modern workplace.

Coupled with additional tools, technologies, processes, and policies, an MDM solution is a core component of Optimity’s end-to-end offering. However, not all MDM tools are created equal, and the right choice for businesses may depend on a variety of factors.

Optimity MDM provides the following core functions:

  • Hardware inventory
  • Application inventory
  • OS configuration management
  • Mobile app deployment, updating and removal
  • Mobile app configuration and policy management
  • Remote view and control for troubleshooting
  • Execute remote actions, such as remote wipe
  • Mobile content management

Mobile device management (MDM) is a type of security software provided by Optimity to monitor, manage, and secure employees' mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) that are deployed across multiple mobile service providers and across multiple mobile operating systems being used in the organisation. MDM is a great way to expand the capabilities of traditional Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM).

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is a type of software designed to help managed IT service providers remotely and proactively monitor client endpoints, networks and computers. This is also now known as or referred to as remote IT management.

Device Management is clearly trending, and looks to continue to do so in the future. After looking at the risks of doing business without a proper MDM solution, it becomes obvious why. Without MDM, information on stolen or lost devices is not secure, which could allow it to easily fall into the wrong hands. Also, devices without MDM have an increased exposure to malware and other viruses that could compromise confidential data. And, once that confidential data is compromised, the ease of which a data breach or hacking incident can be achieved increases greatly – events that can permanently affect a company’s reputation with consumers and other business partners. According to Novell, a laptop or tablet is stolen every 53 seconds, and 113 mobile phones are lost or stolen every minute. With the cost to recover from a corporate data breach getting increasingly more expensive every year, more and more businesses are seeing the value of a comprehensive MDM solution.

It’s clear that employee-owned mobile devices are here to stay in the workforce. Businesses must develop a plan to manage them before they wreak havoc on their corporate data and digital security. MDM solutions can control and protect the data and configuration settings for any device in your network, whether it's a personal or company-owned device. Yet, every business has different data-management needs, so it's important for businesses to select a solution that's meets their individual needs. Proper research and due diligence when selecting an MDM solution will help anyone who needs to make that choice and Optimity will help you to.

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