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Microsoft 365 enhances the workflow of every company

Office 365/Microsoft 365 enhances the workflow of every company. Large and reliable e-mail boxes, which can be accessed from any location or device, help to boost work efficiency and security. Real time editing of files facilitates cooperation and accelerates project development. Office 365/Microsoft 365 helps you book a conference room or a car, and the task management app lets you organise the team's schedule, assign tasks and monitor deadlines. Choose the right plan for you and see for yourself the opportunities that Office 365/Microsoft 365 creates for you and your company.

Microsoft 365 is a versatile service which boosts performance in small companies as well as large corporations. Our solutions let you work from any device and in any location. They ensure data security, even when you are out of the office. Depending on the chosen plan, it allows the use of Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access and Publisher. Office 365 enables access to such services as Exchange Online (company email), SharePoint Online (file sharing).

Exchange Online

Microsoft 365 is a professional email solution as well, one that does not allow any spam to hinder your workflow. Exchange Online lets you boost work and management efficiency by being adaptable and guaranteeing safety. You can access your messages, conversations, tasks and schedules from anywhere thanks to the Outlook application installed on a computer or in its online and mobile form.

OneDrive For Business

Company documents all in one place? This is possible thanks to OneDrive For Business, safely saving your files on a virtual drive. Both the OneDrive service and SharePoint Online pages have back-ups on Microsoft servers. You can access your documents anytime and anywhere. Your files are always up to date, even when working offline, thanks to device synchronisation.

SharePoint Online

Organising department or team work has never been this easy. Quick and effortless page creation using the SharePoint Online service improves work performance. Apart from enabling project sharing it facilitates documentation flow for invoices, forms, leave requests etc. Document sharing with other employees and access to resources from your home browser or mobile device mean faster project development. Outside of document libraries, you can include different applications like time axis with tasks, message boards and forums, or even a dedicated e-mail box with a calendar!

Guaranteed security

With Microsoft 365 you can be sure that your files never fall into the wrong hands. The solutions enable data back-ups and recovery of deleted files or messages, as well as use of double logging access (Multi-Factor Authentication). The service is ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified. This confirms compliance with international information security standards. Microsoft is the first company to acquire a certificate for complying with the protection of personally identifiable information in public clouds: ISO 2701Office 365 is regularly audited by third parties.

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