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Why Optimity?

For any company, growing their business and having satisfied customers are high on their list of objectives, yet having a bad internet connection can get in the way of that. We are connectivity specialists that have come up with a wireless internet solution that solves the most difficult part of the connectivity process. Forget digging up the road and waiting weeks to get connected - we can get you connected in as little as 7 working days. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Connectivity with flexible bandwidth.

With Opticonnect you’ll find wibre™, our next-generation wireless internet service. It delivers up to 10Gbps across the rooftops of London and takes as little as 7 working days to install. There’s also a range other connectivity products with flexible bandwidth, so you can get exactly the right connection that you need.

Services to keep you safe online.

We know that sometimes, you’d rather not think about security. But it matters, and it will continue to matter as attackers find new ways to harm our online safety. But we’re one step ahead of them. We know exactly what you need, and will need, to stay out of the firing line.

A single provider for all your hosting needs.

Here you’ll get an insight into our hosted services: IT, WiFi and telephony. It can be tricky to keep up with them when you’re using a different provider for each of these solutions, and that’s where we make things easier. A single bill for multiple services. Doesn’t that sound simple?

Technology to match your processes.

There are many people who think companies should have the latest technology, for no other reason than the fact it’s new. Not us. We think you should have tech that’s going to help you work more effectively. We’ll get to know your processes and recommend the solutions that will be best for you.

As quick as fibre, but without the wires.

wibre™, our wireless internet solution, grants you the speed of fibre without the long wait. If you need a better connection in a hurry, wibre™ is for you. It only takes as little as 7 working days to install and you won’t notice any downtime. All you’ll notice is better connectivity.

We’d had a million issues with connectivity before. Having WiFi is vital for our business - in fact I’d say it’s more important than hot water. Our previous suppliers only gave a residential level service which meant the quality was poor and the connection was always going down. Wibre gave us a much stronger connection from day one.
Charlie Rosier, Co-Founder – Cuckooz

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