Since the beginning, our leadership team has never lacked ambition. We dream of making connections and increasing communication in London’s formidable business sector.

Today, we head up an award-winning technology company that empowers the business market to get things done without interruption.

Leeland Pavey, Chief Executive Officer

Leeland is a 25-year veteran of the telecoms industry. Before Optimity, he was Chief Operations Officer at Zayo and a member of the European executive team that grew the combined business from $80m to $700m of annual EBITDA with a successful floatation on the NYSE in 2014. Prior to this, Leeland held a number of senior roles within AboveNet Communications, overseeing the European-wide company and infrastructure roll-out culminating in another successful floatation on the NYSE in 2009. Regarded as an international telecoms expert, he combines significant experience with inspirational and motivational leadership that creates highly successful organisations.

David Osen, Chief Information Officer

David is a highly experienced technical executive with over 20 years practise leading teams & delivering technical solutions across multiple industries. An information security specialist focusing on strategy, governance, risk and compliance applied across complex cloud & infrastructure environments. Experienced working in-house and as an outsourced CIO/CISO, having a deep understanding of operational technologies within SME business environments. His term as Managing Director of managed service provider, pebble.it, resulted in a significant increase in operational performance and revenue growth. In 2019 he led a successful sale to Optimity and was subsequently appointed Chief Information Officer within the new company.

Neal Endean, Chief Technology Officer

Neal is a highly experienced technical expert with an enviable career working in the ISP/MSP services industry. As a specialist in design and delivery of services through Fixed Wireless Access Solutions, Neal has played a pivotal role in the strategic path of Optimity from connectivity experts to a leading MSP. During his tenure he has managed and developed multiple teams from Sales through to Delivery and Service. Utilising this experience combined with over 15 years at Optimity, Neal is responsible for all technology verticals and touch points across the business, from product lifecycle management to system integrations, acquisitions and automation.