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Let's show you how a hosted telephony solution can revolutionise your business with a completely free trial.

Taking the first steps into a hosted telephony infrastructure can be a daunting decision for businesses that depend on the telephone to make sales and to serve their customers. However, the benefits of hosted telephony are now so strong and when these are combined with the new working practices caused by COVID-19 there are many compelling reasons to consider change.

Regardless of the potential benefits that new technologies can deliver, we understand that making a decision about a such a vital method of communication is not a simple process.

This is why we are offering you a completely free trial of our hosted telephony solution so you can experience the benefits first hand without migrating your telephony infrastructure into a hosted environment straight away.

You'll see how the system can send incoming business calls to your mobile, tablet or laptop, you'll experience the benefits of call recording and intelligent call routing and you'll be able to see every statistic about all the incoming and outgoing calls your business makes;

  • If you knew you were receiving 50 calls from customers in the 30 minutes after your office closed would you change your opening hours?
  • If you knew you were not answering 50 calls per day would you change your call flows?
  • Would you like to know how many calls a marketing campaign generated?

All this and more is available with our telephony solutions that are empowering businesses to better serve their clients and accelerate their growth.

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