Your cybersecurity score is HIGH

This means that while you have good security measures in place your data and systems are possibly vulnerable in a few areas

We would recommend a PRIORITY FIVE assessment of your current infrastructure. Don't worry, there are interim measures that we can apply to instantly reduce your vulnerabilities.

Thanks for taking the Optimity Cybersecurity Assessment - from the answers provided we can award you a HIGH score. It's clear that you have applied some great tools and processes to protect your network and data. It's possible there will still be some vulnerabilities to your system and thankfully there are a number of measures we can implement almost immediately to identify any remaining vulnerabilities.

Here are some steps you can take yourself to start to secure your network:

Taking into account your current vulnerabilities and the increasing risk of a cyber attack we would urge you to contact our Tech Team to arrange for these measures to be applied and to book in a deeper assessment of your systems.