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Need reliable, fast broadband connection quickly?

Getting and staying connected should be easy – but so often it just isn’t. Optimity takes the frustration away. We’re connectivity specialists who genuinely like solving our customers’ problems. Every day, we are switching on businesses across London and beyond, building brand new digital communities that can freely engage with the wider world.
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We think you’ll find dealing with Optimity is a refreshing change from the traditional ‘telecoms establishment’ (you know who we mean). We make sure getting connected is simpler, faster and better for everyone. So, if you want super-fast broadband, our connectivity heroes are ready to help.

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Claim up to £2,000 towards your connectivity costs

Discover the benefits of wibre

Easily access 100Mb – 10Gb of ultra-fast internet connectivity within days. Our
wibre™ technology is a fast and effective way to get broadband connectivity. It provides the same high-speed performance of a fibre connection, using rooftop antenna rather than copper wires under the ground (so no need to dig-up roads and wait months for installation).

We’re so confident that you will love wibre™, we give you the flexibility to try
it for 1-month, contract free. If you are not completely satisfied with your connection (after 28 days), we simply take it away. No questions asked, no hidden fees and no ties.

“Since having wibre, not only can  we provide customers with continuous fast WiFi, customers automatically log in via our website and this has significantly increased customer engagment”. Kate Castanho

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