Leased Line Solution Launches in Southwark, South London

Optimity is set to transform life for thousands of businesses in Southwark by giving them access to high-capacity, superfast connectivity and a range of scalable IT services they need to stay competitive. This alleviates the connectivity headache for many businesses in the area, where there has historically been poor investment into local digital services and broadband connectivity.

If you’re like most businesses, file sharing, VoIP, video conferencing and using applications makes up your day-to-day, instant access to these productivity and collaboration tools, is taken for granted. And, the ability to carry them out seamlessly and efficiently is, without a doubt, one of the major cornerstones on which we build our brand and reputation.

For businesses in Southwark however, it’s a very different story. The number of not-spots where the Broadband access is very poor is stunting commercial growth and employee productivity for businesses. It’s also impacting on the areas attractiveness to prospective inward investment from businesses who now recognise connectivity as one of the most influential factors in a locations desirability.

Faster download speeds

The antidote to Southwarks connectivity headache comes in the form of Wibre™, Optimity’s fibre leased line internet solution that offers superfast connection, low latency and flexible bandwidth. Delivered wirelessly via an antenna on the roof, businesses in the area will be able to benefit from ultrafast connection speeds of up to 10Gbps. Unlike some Broadband solutions, Wibre™ is an uncontended network, meaning you are not sharing your internet connection with anyone else. So, it will never be slowed down by external interference or peaks and troughs. This is particularly beneficial for multi tenanted buildings in Southwark, where connection speeds need to be consistent and reliable throughout the premises.

Quick time to market

If you’re looking to relocate your business to Southwark, connectivity will be at the top of your agenda. The last thing you want is having to move into a temporary workspace while you wait for your connection to be installed. Typically, you could face weeks, or even months if things don’t go according to plan, trying to have fibre broadband installed. This disruption will impact employee productivity and create unnecessary costs.

Due to Optimity’s specialist engineers and next-generation antenna technology, Wibre™ can be installed in just seven to ten days in most cases, getting your business moving quickly with minimum disruption.

Improved productivity and minimise risk

Businesses in Southwark that rely on contended Fibre-optic solutions and Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines (ADSL) are at a higher risk of slower, unreliable speeds and downtime, which can have a detrimental effect on productivity, profits, brand reputation, and customer service.

Wibre™ is an alternative wireless Fibre solution, offering businesses in Southwark a superfast uncontended solution. Moving to a superfast fibre connection opens up the opportunities for businesses to work more collaboratively and flexibly, and be able to scale up by taking advantage of cloud based services like VoIP and O365. Of course, once you start using bandwidth hungry applications that make a huge difference to your working lives you’ll never want to incur downtime. Wibre can work perfectly for your business either as a primary connectivity solution or as your internet failover solution. This is a redundant connectivity solution that works independently of your main connection and is ready to take over when your primary connection goes down. Since Wibre™ is delivered by a direct wireless connection between our network and your premises, it can’t be damaged by diggers. It’s also monitored 24/7, making it less susceptible to cyber threats and human errors.

In the highly unlikely event of downtime, engineers will be ready to get your internet up and running in the shortest time possible. The guarantee of having an undisputed connection at all times of the day means you can focus more on building your business and less on contacting suppliers.

Easy secure access

Security is the number one priority when setting up your business network. Therefore, businesses need a well-managed and highly available network infrastructure to safeguard themselves from the most common types of attacks, which include Malware, DDoS, Phishing, Zero-day exploit, SQL injections and Man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks.

Our Managed Network allows you to get on easily with your day-to-day activities whilst proactively supporting your network. From ensuring your firewall is capable of providing for your bandwidth, to actively managing your company’s WiFi network, we take care of everything.


To stay competitive, you need to be able to cut spending by eliminating unnecessary hardware maintenance costs. Areas like Southwark, where there has been poor investment into connectivity and digital services, prohibits you from taking advantage of cloud-based solutions including phone, video conferencing, colocation and backup. These applications have become synonymous with agile businesses that are able to dramatically reduce infrastructure investments, increase customer satisfaction and enable greater organisational efficiency.

With Optimity’s tailored cloud-based solutions, you can scale better and faster by investing when you need more and reduce spending when you need less. With a range of hosted services offered under Southwark's roof, businesses in the area will be able to boost productivity and profitability.


The stage is set for Southwark to become London’s hub for digital-first businesses.

These developments will be welcomed by businesses in the area, who no longer have to experience delays in commissioning services and poor connectivity. Access to faster, more scalable and more secure connection in Southwark will create vast opportunities for businesses and commercial real estate agents to capitalise on, while helping them stay competitive in an increasingly digitised economy.

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