Tempted to test new features before everyone else? DON’T BE!

Ever been tempted to download a beta version of your favourite app to try out features before everyone else? The FBI says don’t. Our latest article tells you why

Ever been tempted to download the beta version of your favourite app, ready to test out all the cool new features before everyone else?


The FBI has some news that might make you think twice.

Cybercriminals have devised a new trick to lure us into their lair. They’re hiding malicious code in fake beta versions of popular apps, turning unsuspecting people’s smartphones into their piggy banks.

Don't get us wrong; we love innovation as much as the next team of tech enthusiasts. But whilst beta versions have a certain allure, they still need to go through the rigorous security checks that apps in the official app stores must pass.

Criminals send fake emails pretending to be the developers of popular apps, offering early access to new beta versions.

But, of course, they’re fake, too. Once installed, they can do all sorts of nasty things, including accessing data from your finance apps and even taking over your phone.

Could your staff download them onto company devices to compromise your business?

There’s a moral to our story. And it's a simple one: Patience is a virtue.

Hold off on downloading beta versions of apps. Wait until they're stable and officially released in app stores. Good things come to those who wait, and that includes secure apps.

If you have previously downloaded beta versions, keep an eye out for red flags like faster battery drain, poor performance, persistent pop-up ads, and apps asking for unnecessary permissions.

In this digital age, we must be as bright and savvy as the technology we use. Before you hit download, could you take a moment to think: is this app worth the risk?

You can train your staff to think the same way. And if you do give them business phones, consider a Mobile Device Management solution to control what they can do with them.

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