Dispelling the Myths of Fixed Wireless Access

Wibre is the superfast, robust alternative to fibre connectivity, we can provide to any business that is within the line of sight of one of our nodes.

You might be surprised just how scalable, secure and efficient it is, but the military and financial banking industry aren’t. They were one of the first industries to use fixed wireless access technology because of its reliability, speed and resilience to threat. Shocked? Then I have a few more revelations in store for you.

There are a few myths about the technology that just aren’t true so I’ve written this blog to put the story straight.

In the same way that some people think the earth is flat, some people think that fixed wireless access technology is less secure than fibre. We think that’s simply because they can’t see or touch it, but that’s one of the reasons it is so secure. With solutions like Wibre, your data travels in tiny pencil beams on millimetre waves with encryption, rather than on cables under the ground.

Due to the ever-growing infrastructure changes that are happening in London it’s not surprising if accidents happen to fibre cables and therefore a wireless solution could be less vulnerable to downtime.

Wibre is also built on our large resilient wireless network which has multiple nodes spanning the capital, so if something unforeseen should happen to interrupt the transmission, we can get it up and running again quickly by simply re-routing.

When you choose the bandwidth you want for fibre, typically a lot of digging commences so that you can get exactly what you ask for… But what about when your business grows, and you want more? Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to wait while your provider digs again. Ouch! With Wibre, if you need more, we just do a software upgrade or give you a larger antenna. Can it really be that quick and simple? Yes!

It’s also more flexible. If you move, Wibre can go with you to your next location if the new building is still in our line of sight. Our Wibre network covers most black spots so the likelihood is that you can get Wibre or our fibre to power your business connectivity whatever your location.

But the major benefit that most people know about is that Wibre is so quick and easy to deploy. From first contact, to up and working, can take just seven to ten working days. You can see why it’s been such a blessing for businesses who’ve been moving offices and forgotten to provision for connectivity – without which, let’s face it, most would have a real problem.

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